"Stuart's work brought the customer facing side of our business to a new level of professionalism. His work on our website allowed us to clearly convey our value proposition while providing us with an original interface that set us a step above our competition."        

 -Bret Kugelmass, Founder + CEO, Airphrame


“Stuart joined the team during a critical phase, and was able to very quickly get up to speed and start adding value. Despite the high pace and sometimes vague direction, he worked enthusiastically, patiently and diligently to solve the complex problem of delivering dynamic content to a responsive platform. Stuart provided well thought out solutions, and was able to successfully pitch them to senior management. I wouldn't hesitate to have him on the team again.” 

 -Peter McKeown, UX Director, CDK Global


"...I highly recommend Stu. He is a talented artist, valued team player and effectively carries out projects at any given phase or scale...any team would be fortunate to have him be a part of their creative department." 

 -Erica Mahony, Program Manager, LiveAreaLabs


"Stu is a highly talented designer...His knowledge of basic and complex design theory…made him a highly valued designer on our team. I could see that he put much thought into each design, structuring every component into a cohesive graphic, standing out amongst many others." 

 -Michelle Koelbl, Design Lead, Amazon Creative Services


"Stuart brings a thoughtful and strategic eye to his design work. He stands out in the way he keeps integrating new information and ideas until we get to that "Yes, That's It!" moment."

-Rachel Van't Land, Copywriter, POP


"Stuart is a wonderfully creative designer. The signature design language he's developing is very contemporary and culturally very relevant and aware. His design process in thoughtful, deliberate and methodical and his design iterations are always purposeful. Stuart is also great team-player, a constant contributor of ideas and feedback - someone who invests in the team and as a result, helps improve team performance. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Stuart, he was a pleasure to work with - straightforward, creative, inspired and a lot of fun. I'll be following his design career with lot of interest." 

-Rodney Edwards, Principal Design Manager, Microsoft


"Stu is versatile. He can crunch an icon to a tiny file size on the one hand, and design you a branded skateboard or poster on the other."

-Rhea Loader, Senior UX Design Lead at Microsoft


"…In an environment that was unstructured, short-handed and fast-paced{,} Stu consistently proved to be a design partner who was supportive, detail-oriented and very hard working…He is a deep thinker and strategic solution provider, working quickly from idea to finished, refined, product."

-Stephanie J. Cooper, Visual Communication Designer at Microsoft


"Stu is hand's down one of the most thoughtful and outstanding designers I've worked with. He's extremely productive, and very responsive to time sensitive turnarounds...a strong advocate for quality and user centered focus on every project he works on. He brings thought provoking questions to the table every time a project begins and makes sure it's guiding principles and ideas follow thru past release of product." 

 -Alex Schoner, Lead Mobile UX Designer at Porch